10 Tips To Entertain The Kids

With today’s generation becoming increasingly addicted to technology, it can be hard to draw children (and adults) away from screens. Whilst stuck at home dreaming of a holiday in the Lake District, spend some quality time together as a family with our top 10 tips to entertain the kids!

1. It’s bugs life!

Head into your garden to explore a world of creepy crawlies by looking under stones, plant pots, in the grass and even in any soil! Take a bucket to collect any bugs you find and use a magnifying glass to get a closer look. You could use a spotter sheet to work out what bugs you can see, before carefully returning them back to the wild of your garden.


2. Make your own pizza!

One of our childhood favourite activities and not only because it involves creating delicious food! A lot of people love pizza but not everyone enjoys the same toppings – does pineapple belong on pizza? Making your own pizza leaves these decisions to you! Get creative and experiment by making a different shaped pizza and see who creates the best one!


3. Hold a photography hunt

Stuck for ideas for what to do? A photography hunt is great fun for everyone and can be hosted indoors should the weather take a turn. Use your imagination, you could come up with a theme of objects, wildlife or colours to photograph. You could even do this while out on your daily exercise.


4. Art Attack

Who doesn’t love a messy art and crafts session to fuel the imagination? Use whatever you have around the house along with essentials like glue and scissors and let your kids get creative! Older children could create monsters from the recycling or may like creating a collage inspired by a photo from a holiday in the Lake District. 


5. Build a den

Building a den is an entertaining activity for all the family to enjoy! If you have the garden space, build the best outdoor den ever by finding your perfect spot (a sturdy tree will do) and then create your architectural masterpiece with branches, leaves and rugs! What will your den be? It could be a secret hideout or fairy castle – if your children are Winnie the Pooh fans, you could think of it as building your own version of Eeyore’s house. Indoors, use bed sheets and blankets, tables and chairs to create your mysterious bunker. Fill it with soft cushions and perhaps enjoy a snack and storytime from inside.


6. Create a scrapbook

Creating a scrapbook is a great way to treasure memories as a family and is something you can keep forever. Keep a log of fun activities you do each day with your family, perhaps even creating your own ‘tickets’ for your roleplay zoo or receipts from your shop. Interview members of your house and pop them in your scrapbook and press flowers and leaves from the garden as a lovely keepsake. 


7. Play a board game

Everyone has their own personal favourite! Whether it’s a tense game of ‘Operation’ or a quick game of Jenga or Twister games are fun for all the family and provide the perfect entertainment.



8. Bird Spotting

Whether you have a garden where birds come to splash in a water bath or nibble some birdseed, or you watch birds from your window, now is a great time to take up bird spotting. Make it part of your routine and discover which ones visit in the morning and which ones prefer dusk. To help identify them, you could take photographs which you could draw later on. 


9. Build an obstacle course

Turn your garden into a fun course of challenges and obstacles that can be fun for adults and kids. Throw balls into a bin, do three successful hula hoops, balance along a zig-zag strip of masking tape, crawl under the garden furniture, jump in the paddling pool and end with a goal in between some markers. If the weather isn’t too good, you can always do this indoors too, with the floor as lava and cushions as rocks to jump between.


10. Create a miniature garden

Find a secret corner in your garden or an unused container where you will build your miniature garden – let the kids’ imaginations enjoy the magic of creating a world of fairies and gnomes, toadstools and elves. An old wheelbarrow or large plant pot works well. Kids can then scour the garden for pieces to build their miniature world. Use pebbles to mark out your plot and to create a winding garden path. Sticks to build a shed or house, with moss for the roof. You could make a little campfire from twigs, a pond using some tinfoil, flowers for the garden and plasticine for cute little vegetables and some toadstools.