Lake District Pound – a new way to support the place you love

Here at Lake District Lodge Holidays we’re supporting The Lake District Pound (LD£) – our region’s new local currency – designed to celebrate everything you love about this place, and help keep our region special. 

You can spend LD£ in local businesses in and around the Lake District, where you see the LD£ sign. 

Spending LD£ is a great way to explore our local culture and show your support for the local businesses that make it so special. Only local businesses can accept the LD£, so you know you’re supporting our communities. Every LD£ makes a difference.  Lots of different businesses are involved, from retail, food and drink, visitor attractions, boat trips and more.  Just look out for this sign when you’re out and about.

The Lake District Pound is an annual currency – with exciting new designs launching each year. You can buy LD£ online, or at LD£ Exchange Points throughout the Lake District. There are no charges or exchange rates to pay, and you can always swap back any currency you’re not able to spend during its period of validity, or maybe keep it as a special souvenir of your trip?

Every LD£ you collect helps us to continue supporting local businesses, and fund local community and conservation projects through the incredible work of Cumbria Community Foundation and the Lake District Foundation.

If you pick up a LD£ Passport, you can collect stamps when you visit local businesses on the LD£ Passport Trail. There are loads of fun icons to collect, and every stamp is unique.

How are Lake District Lodge Holidays getting involved?

We obviously take payment by cards, online or over the phone, so the best way for us to help is to promote the LD£, and also should our guests want to order some LD£ before they arrive, we can arrange that for them via the local post office and have the LD£ delivered to their lodge.

But mainly to encourage all our guests to pick up or order some LD£ and SUPPORT our fabulous local businesses!