Top 10 Screen-Free Day Activities

With today’s generation becoming increasingly addicted to technology, it can be hard to draw children (and adults) away from their screens. Whilst on holiday in the Lake District, spend some quality time together as a family with our top 10 screen-free activities for everyone to enjoy!

The weather forecast predicts a beautifully sunny bank holiday, but the weather in the Lakes can be somewhat unreliable. If the heavens do decide to open, instead of watching a film or playing on the iPad, why not try 5 of these fun indoor activities!

Play a board game

Everyone has their own personal favourite! Whether it’s an ongoing family Monopoly war or a quick game of snakes and ladders, board games are fun for all the family and provide the perfect entertainment on a rainy day

Make your own pizza!

One of our childhood favourite activities and not only because it involves creating delicious food! A lot of people love pizza but not everyone enjoys the same toppings – is pineapple an acceptable pizza topping? Making your own pizza leaves these decisions to you! Get creative and experiment by making a different shaped pizza and see who creates the best one!

Art Attack

Who doesn’t love a messy art and crafts session to fuel the imagination? Bring an arts and crafts box with you on holiday, the obvious essentials including pipe cleaners, glitter pens, glue, scissors, coloured paper and pom poms…  and let your kids get creative! Older children could enjoy painting views of the Lake District from your holiday photographs – they could even make their own postcards!

Hold an indoor treasure hunt

Stuck for ideas for what to do on a rainy afternoon? An indoor treasure hunt is great fun and can be entertaining for both parents and children! Use your imagination, you could come up with a theme, plant clues for hiding spots and even come up with challenges for the kids to do on their way around.

Create a scrapbook of the Lake District

Creating a scrapbook is a great way to treasure your holiday memories as a family and is something you can keep forever. Kids could stick in tickets and postcards from days out, draw things they’ve seen and places they’ve loved visiting in the Lake District. Once you’re home you could even print out your family photos and add them to the scrapbook!

Come rain or shine, you can always head outside and enjoy all the Lake District has to offer with our outdoor activities!

Build a den

Building a den is a really fun activity for all the family to enjoy! Build the best den ever by finding your perfect spot (a sturdy tree will do) and then create your architectural masterpiece with branches, leaves and mud! What will your den be? It could be a secret hideout or fairy castle – if your children are Winnie the Pooh fans, you could think of it as building your own version of Eeyore’s house.

It’s Bugs life!

Explore a world of creepy crawlies by looking under stones, in the grass and in the trees! Take a bucket to collect any bugs you find and use a magnifying glass to get a closer look. You could use a spotter sheet to work out what bugs you can see, before carefully returning them back to the wild.

Wildlife Spotting

Red squirrels are becoming increasingly rare in the UK with a population of only 15,000. Whilst on holiday in the Lake District, you can go and get a glimpse of this rare species at Allen Bank and Grasmere National Trust. For a better view, use some binoculars and see how many you can spot!  How brilliant to see wildlife for ‘real’ and in a screen-free way too.

Brockhole Adventure Playground

Children of all ages will enjoy exploring Brockhole Adventure Playground! The playground is free and includes a Play Galleon boat for all the aspiring pirates out there. If that doesn’t float your boat, there are many other outward-bound activities at Brockhole for the whole family… swing around in the treetops on the Treetop Trek, play a game of mini-golf or brave the indoor caving tunnels! Brockhole overlooks Windermere and is open every day from 10am till 6pm. Take a picnic and make the most of this family fun day out!

Pony Trekking

Giddy-up! Visit Lakeland Pony Treks at Troutbeck between 10am and 5pm Wednesday-Monday to explore the beautiful scenery of the Lake District on horseback, A 30-minute lead rein trek for £25 is suitable for all abilities. If you’re more of an experienced horse rider, head out on one of the longer rides over the stunning Lake District feels. Pre-book over the phone and enjoy a Wild West day out with the whole family.


Whatever you choose, we know you’ll love your screen-free time and get out and about whilst you’re at it too!