Reviews & Ratings

Feedback and reviews following stays in our lodges are really important to us and our owners. As such we contact every guest immediately after their stay and also invite them to write a review and tell us about their visit.

We do this by using UpFront Reviews. This is a verified review service for rental accommodation which is part of our online booking system provided by Supercontrol. It enables us to receive valuable feedback about our lodges from genuine guests.

The reviews you will see on our website and UpFront Reviews can only be submitted by people who have actually stayed in one of our lodges having placed their booking through SuperControl. This means you can trust that UpFront Reviews are from real people who agree to share their guest experience with you. The reviews are therefore genuine and verified.

UpFront Reviews exclusively lists self-catering properties that only use the SuperControl online booking system.

We make a point of responding to as many reviews as possible (and direct with the guests who post them) so you can be confident that we are listening to and acknowledge what our guests say.

All our lodges are part of this trusted review system. If you see a smaller number of reviews then it is most likely that the lodge has only been in our portfolio for a relatively short period of time.


We are also building up a portfolio of reviews through Trip Advisor and links will appear on the lodges where these have been received.

You will also find reviews specifically about both Limefitt Park, White Cross Bay and Fallbarrow Park on Trip Advisor. If these reviews mention Lake District Lodge Holidays or any of the lodges for which we arrange bookings we will take note and, wherever possible, contact the author to thank them or get additional feedback. Unfortunately we are not able to reply or comment on reviews which may be posted on the park’s own Trip Advisor Listings.

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