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As we are nearing the Summer months and main peak holiday season, this is the busiest time of the year for holiday lodges.

In this guide, we give you some top tips on how to get your lodge ready for summer and to make sure that it is in the best condition for your guests.

Deep Clean

For your property to succeed, cleaning is essential! Guests expect to find a clean, orderly, and appealing lodge when they first arrive for their summer holiday. In our experience, visitors who are satisfied with the cleanliness of a property are more likely to return. Therefore, one of the first items on the checklist is to schedule that deep clean.

Holiday homes that have been unused for a while may smell differently, especially if pets are allowed to stay. Purchase a light summery scent such as fresh linen or lavender and this will help eliminate odours. Cleaning the interior and exterior of your property can help prevent pests, dampness and structural issues. Furthermore, make sure to check all fixtures and fittings are in good condition.

Check the Outside

The exterior of your caravan or lodge might have suffered from severe weather conditions during the colder months. Take the time to examine the outside of your holiday home to see if there are any signs of damage including the windows, skylights, seams and seals, as well as any outside storage. Moreover, check the panels of your property i.e. dents, holes or cracks and the roof guttering.


Decking Area

Safety is extremely important when it comes to the decking area. Regular checks should be carried out as part of your general maintenance routine and any issues should be fixed immediately before guests arrive at your property for their summer break.

Remember to check if the outdoor furniture is still safe for guests to use and clean it thoroughly. If there are outside lights, see if they are working and replace them if necessary.


Taps and Plumbing

If your holiday home has been empty for a while, flush the toilet and let any taps run for a couple of minutes on both hot and cold water. This will make you aware of any plumbing issues that will need to be resolved. Once checked, be sure to turn off all taps to prevent your lodge from flooding.



Lodges in the UK can be prone to mould. It’s important to keep an eye on if any black spots are appearing on the windows, doors and ceiling, especially in the bathroom and on soft furnishings.

Mould is generally caused by poor ventilation or leaks. Lodges need to ‘breathe’ in order to avoid any damp and timber rot, this can be more prevalent during the winter months. The good news is that damp removal products can help to reduce mould. Try a dehumidifier if you detect any noticeable signs. It might be useful to leave windows and doors open to improve air circulation.

Safety Devices

For owners who opt into using our managed services, the maintenance team will check your carbon monoxide detector and fire alarms to ensure that they are still operational. We also recommend that owners do the same if they are staying at the property and report any faults immediately.

The quality and compliance department will work with owners, lodge sites and our managed services team to make sure all safety rules and guidelines are being adhered to throughout the year.


Odd Jobs Tools

You may want to keep some tools onsite at your lodge for daily jobs. This can include batteries and spare light bulbs, should maintenance need to replace as and when. Make sure that this toolbox is well out of the way of children in a safe and secure location.

We hope you find this guide useful and you are ready to welcome guests to have a great holiday in your lodge. caravan, shepherds hut or pod

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