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Jack the dog

“My name is Max. I get to come on holiday to these parks probably 4 times a year with my ‘human’. I love this place – I believe you humans call it the Lake District – I call it doggie heaven. My favourite things are long walks; lots of water to jump, romp and splash about it (then shake off near my loving owners who squeal with delight and seem to enjoy getting wet too.. ), in the evening I love lolling around on the decking in the late evening sunshine; oh and of course, Cumberland Sausages… yum…

One of the best things about when my owners book in with Lake District Lodge Holidays is that I get to go with them! No staying in kennels for me I can tell when we get near the Park, something about the smell of fresh air, and the sound of the wind in the trees: I recognise the journey north.

I get very excited and end up standing up in the back of the car, wagging my tail from side to side, until I get released from the car.

Then up I bound up the wooden steps to our Lodge – this is my new home for a while. I always have a quick look around the outside decking just in case any previous visitors have left anything on the barbeque. Sadly it’s always spotlessly clean.

Then inside and get settled in my new home. I’m a good labrador and always sleep in my own bed, not on the furniture, which keeps it clean for other humans visiting after me.

I wait patiently for them to unpack, and then off we go, me on my lead, and then down to the lakeshore or off up the fells, and our next adventure.

My favourite thing  to do is chase a stick for a while in the water, then go for a walk and end up at a nice pub where there is usually some nice food around for me to have a sniff at… Woof Woof”


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