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Help make your guests feel right at home by adding a Welcome Pack to your property for your new arrivals.

These packs can be a great way to introduce your property and the surrounding area. It can also be an opportunity to add a touch of your own personality to your holiday lodge.

In this guide, we give you some top tips and suggestions on what you can include in your Welcome Pack that your guests will appreciate.

A Welcome Note

The first thing you will want to do when preparing your Welcome Folder/Pack is to write a kind, thoughtful welcome message for your guests. i,e ‘Welcome, we hope you have had a safe journey to our holiday home…..’. It doesn’t have to be long, but showing your appreciation that they have chosen your property in which to spend their time and money is a nice gesture. (If you can, a personal handwritten welcome note is a nice personal touch).

**Helpful tip – Make it personal, a short intro about you as the owners, and your lodge journey. Don’t be afraid to let guests know it’s your holiday home that you are proud of it!


Best Places to Visit

It’s important to remember that some of your guests might be visiting the local area for the first time. To make their stay more enjoyable, you can create a guide with information about attractions and places they can visit. To add that personal touch, you could include your own recommendations of favourite places to visit , i.e hidden local restaurants or fun activities for the whole family. Sharing this information can help guests feel more comfortable in a new environment. You can also include directions, opening hours, and other useful details. Many attractions will have their own brochures, so you don’t have to create everything from scratch. This is a nice way to enhance your guests’ experience and make their stay more memorable.

Lakeland Motor Museum, Lakeside, nr Newby Bridge

Emergency Contact Information

Make sure that your guests have the right contact details that they need in case of an emergency, i.e if its maintenance or other lodge-specific issue then you could include your personal number, Lake District Lodge Holidays out of office contact number or the 24 hour holiday park emergency number the lodge is based on. There can be many different types of other emergencies, which is why it is important not just to include details for the national emergency services but also numbers for a local dentist, doctor’s surgery, and veterinary practice (if your property is dog/pet-friendly). Hopefully, your guests will never need to use any of these numbers but if they do, it is better that they have the right information.


Public Transport

Although some guests may use their phones to navigate public transport, it doesn’t mean that all your guests will. From buses to trains and even boat rides, providing the latest timetables can help to take some of the stress out of exploring your property’s local area.

Stagecoach Cumbria & North Lancashire


‘How to Use’ Guides

Does your property have a range of gadgets and appliances? If so, we recommend you include any operating manuals to help your guests understand how to use them. As we all know, tech issues can cause a lot of stress so if you havent got any appliance booklets, take the extra time to write some simple instructions, you will be able to save them from any unneeded telephone calls asking for help.

**Helpful tip – advise guests where the water stop tap is located.


Questions & Answers

If there are certain rules that you would like to express to your guests, then by all means create a list of Do’s and Dont’s.. i.e dogs only allowed on the ground floor, not in bedrooms or muddy boots to be left in itility room. This will take the guesswork out about what they are allowed to do and will give you an opportunity to set some ground rules that you would like to be followed. Now, you don’t want this list to come across as restrictive but as a pleasant indication of how you would like your property to be treated.

**Helpful tip – In the winter months, remind guests to close windows, turn lights off and heating down if heading out for the day

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