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Winter Walks in the Lakes

Winter in the lakes can be a beautiful time – crisp blue skies and white snow and frost.   Lodges in particular need some TLC at this time of year, to ensure that any guests arriving are still as snug as they want to be inside, even if its bracing outside.  A wooden structure doesn’t hold heat as well as a brick or stone structure, so here’s a quick checklist to ensure your lodge is cosy and warm.

External Decking area:

This is the first thing guests see, so have a step back and see what needs power-washing, cleaning down or general tidying up of leaves, debris etc.  It’s important to keep the outdoor furniture spick and span too, as people will still want to use it, perhaps ensure there is a cover for protection from the elements. We can organise all this for you in your absence.

The Hot Tub:

This will still be used by guests in autumn or winter, (some say its the best time for a hot tub!) but having it checked over by the maintenance company is a good idea.   Slime or damp is more likely to form at this time of year, so keep up to date with power washing and scrubbing of decking (which we can sort out for you). If you are in a lodge which closes for a month in January obviously the hot tub must be emptied and cleaned. We can help with this through our contractors.

hot tub


One thing you don’t want to happen is having guests arrive to a cold lodge.  We know that breakdowns occur, but regular yearly maintenance of your systems should help reduce the chances of a breakdown.  By law you should have your gas appliances checked every 10-12 months, in order to fulfill your legal requirements to let.

The quieter months are an ideal time to get your systems checked so that they are ready for winter when they are needed the most and are ready for the year ahead.

Leave the heating on a timer, for when guests arrive:

or purchase a remote home heating kit allows you to control it from where you are. Ensuring guests receive a nice warm welcome is a great way to start a holiday, especially on a cold, winters evening!  Consider keeping the heating on a constant low temperature also ensure the lodge stays warm even when empty, this can also reduce the risk of pipes freezing and damp forming in the property.

Bedding, linen, towels and cushions:

These items take a lot of washing and care during a year so keep an eye on it and think about upgrading – there is something very pleasing about fresh crisp linen, nice cushions and soft towels and we know our guests love it!

Lodges on parks which close for January:

If your lodge is on a park which closes from 4 January – February half term you will have other jobs to do such as draining down the water system etc, which we always contact you about in detail.

Checking the lodge

Regular checks of the property are essential throughout winter.  A burst pipe or a missing roof tile can all cause further damage if not rectified immediately.  We can help with checking now and then and will report back on anything that needs attention.

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