Jenkins Crag & Stagshaw Gardens

Jenkins Crag & Stagshaw Gardens are both a lovely woodland walk, which you can do straight from White Cross Bay, or Brockhole visitor centre, just down the road.  A great way to leave the car behind and have a few hours gentle walk with lovely views.  Combine it with a boat trip, and a bite to eat and you’ve got the makings of a great day out.  You can choose between a longer walk, from Brockhole or White Cross Bay, or indeed Waterhead boat landings, or a shorter walk from the boat landings and straight through the woods and up.

The longer walk :  Cross the road from Brockhole entrance and look out for ‘Mirk Lane’ turn left and follow the National Trust signs to ‘Jenkyns Crag’ For a map have a look here.  This walk is around 5 km or 3 miles, and will take between 2 and 3 hours, plus a boat trip or walk back along the main road.

For a shorter journey up to Jenkins Crag, start from the boat landings around Waterhead, cross the main road (carefully!) and you’ll see a signpost to Stagshaw Gardens.  There’s also a very small National Trust car park here.  Head into Skelghyll Woods and you’ll find a magical walk through ancient woodlands,  discover some of the tallest trees in Cumbria and  visit a fantastic early summer garden.  The views at the Crag across Windermere are breathtaking in all seasons.  This walk is only 1.5 k and will take about an hour.

Hints & Tip: You can either walk back the same way, or along the main road, or even better catch a boat from Waterhead back to Brockhole.

Why we like it:  Easy-ish walks and great views, plus a chance for a coffee and cake either at Brockhole cafe, or any of the fabulous cafes at Waterhead boat landings, and for a special treat, the Waterhead hotel bar and bistro.