Jennings Brewery Tour

Have you ever walked into a pub on holiday and wondered what the locals drink? Well, here in the Lake District it’s likely that the answer to that question will be a Jennings beer.

From velvety dark bitters to golden pale ales – there is truly no better welcome after a long day on the Lakeland fells. But before you take a pew in front of a roaring fire in a traditional stone-walled Lakeland pub, we highly recommend a visit to Jennings Brewery to learn about the family’s almost two century legacy in the brewing industry.

Discover the story behind the Lake District’s largest brewery

It all began in 1828 when a local Lorton lad named John Jennings saw an opportunity to build a malt house. Today, the celebrated Lake District brewery has the capacity to produce up to 1,600 barrels of beer per week – the equivalent of around 400,000 pints – making it the largest independently run brewery in the Lake District.

As you approach the premises in the Gem Town of Cockermouth, a distinct aroma of fresh malt and hops fills the air. This, along with the picturesque location on the banks of the river Derwent where the majestic brewery and its tall brick towers stand, is sure to ignite a sense of curiosity within you. What was it like to work as a brewer back in 1828? How did they brew before the discovery of yeast? Even from the outside, it’s a must-see attraction!

Step inside the historic Lakeland brewery and a guided brewery tour will reveal how, even though Jennings Brewery is the largest Lake District brewery, the company still hasn’t lost sight of its traditional family values. Huge importance is still placed on the quality of ingredients, the smooth taste and exceptional Cumbrian customer service.

So, even if you’re not a dedicated beer drinker, we highly recommend that you head over to Cockermouth to find out more about the historic Jennings Brewery. The guides are informative, funny and will welcome all questions, so treat yourself to a tour any day from Wednesday to Saturday throughout February – December. Admission prices are £9.00 for adults, £8.00 for over 60s and £4.50 for children over 12.

Tips/hints: Are you wondering which one is Jenning’s Brewery’s most popular beer? Well, Jennings Bitter is the most popular among native Cumbrians, whereas Cumberland Ale is the beer that’s most popular outside of the country. Give both tipples a try to see which one you prefer!

Why we love it: As the longest running Lake District brewery, a visit to the Cockermouth premises will not only inform you about the process of brewing beer, it will reveal a few secrets – such as how only pure Lakeland water from the brewery’s own well is used to make the ales.