The Lake District Coast Aquarium

Are you planning a fun-filled family break in the Lake District and searching for an activity that will not only keep the kids entertained, but mum and dad too? Then look no further! The award-winning Lake District Coast Aquarium excellently combines thrilling entertainment with engaging education, to offer a family day out in The Lake District that appeals to both the little Finding Nemo fans and the big UK coastline geeks.

Located on the picturesque harbour of Maryport, unlike other aquariums in The Lake District, The Lake District Coast Aquarium is home to over 70 exhibits which uniquely explore the underwater world of The Lake District and Cumbrian coastline.

The best aquarium in The Lake District and Cumbria

Begin your fish-fuelled day with a visit to the aquarium’s exhilarating Crashing Wave display, which intermittently releases a wave onto the display’s rocks to replicate the choppy waters, within which its resident Sea Bass and Turbet love.

Next on the agenda is the all ages favourite, Shark and Ray Pool, where we recommend you catch one of their informative feeding sessions. Here, admire the sociable rays which curiously travel to the water’s surface, whilst challenging the kids to spot one of the shy Conger Eels, which lurk behind the pools rocks.

For fascinating facts, then head on over to the Wild Solway Exhibition Centre, where you can view an array of interesting coastal artifacts such as shark jaws and listen to tales of local shipwrecks. When you’re feeling peckish, head into Maryport Aquarium’s Harbourside Cafe, where you can grab a delicious bite to eat whilst enjoying incredible views across the harbour.

Tips/Hints: Keen fisher?! Then you’ll be pleased to hear that you no longer need to lug your fishing gear all the way to the Lakes. Not only can you buy live bait and fishing tackle from the Lake District Coast Aquarium, but you can also rent a rod. What’s more? The friendly staff are incredibly informative about fishing in the local area and will happily give you advice about the best fishing spots.

Why we love it: Not only do we love that Maryport Aquarium works to educate visitors about the Cumbrian coastline, but we also love that it works to protect it! That’s right! The aquariums Sealab & Lobster Hatchery, is home to an incredibly successful lobster breeding programme, which was set up to improve the low survival rates of lobster larvae in the UK. Once the lobster larvae are fully formed, the expert team at The Lake District Coast Aquarium, then release them safely into the sea.