The Puzzling Place, Keswick

Located on Museum Square, at the heart of Keswick’s bustling tourist centre of outdoor shops and independent cafés- The Puzzling Place, is not just any old museum, but a mind boggling experience, that will provoke even the most observant eyes to blink twice!

Taking on the Lake District museums entertaining array of mind-blowing puzzles and eye-opening illusion rooms -prepare yourself to become immediately engrossed in the challenge of wrestling between what you see through your eyes, and what is perceived by your mind.

Keswick Puzzle Museum~ Things to do in Keswick with kids

Your adventure across the border of reality and illusion, will begin in the highly celebrated “Anti-Gravity Room”- the only room of its kind in the country. Here, you will find yourself defying the laws of gravity, by effortlessly standing at impossible slants and manipulating running water to flow at impossible angles. But is all what it seems?

The beauty of the Puzzle Museum in Keswick is that even when you unearth the secrets to the exhibitions illusions, the effects will be no less entertaining- just don’t forget to take photographs, to show your friends at home! From observing yourself grow and shrink, as you walk around the “Ames Forced Perspective Room”, to shaking your own hand and rubbing out your friends in the “Eyelusions Exhibition”- the Keswick Puzzle Museum is the ultimate rain day activity in The Lake District.

Hints/Tips: Pssst… did you know that the first section of The Puzzling Place Museum is FREE to enter?! You’ll have to pay an entry fee to get into the main exhibition, “World of illusions”, but if you’re short of time and fancy a giggle, why not head into the free puzzling corner and challenge yourself?

Why we love it: Nevermind entertaining the kids- The Keswick Puzzle Museum also has us adults (young AND old) equally enthralled in its challenges of the mind. What’s more? Well behaved dogs on leads, are also welcome to join in the fun.