Rheged Centre

It’s half term. You have a day off with the kids. The weather forecast is looking rather glum but you’d like to get out of the house before the claustrophobia kicks in. What should you do? Well, if eye catching exhibitions, outstanding food and family fun sounds like the perfect combination, a visit to the renowned Rheged Centre is the ideal way to keep the children away from the iPads and occupied all day long.

As an innovative and modern visitor centre, the creative team at Rheged decided not to concentrate on the area’s local history – but rather on the exciting events that are happening around them today. You’ll therefore find contemporary facilities, interactive displays and thrilling performances to entertain youngsters and adults alike.

How about starting your day by viewing of one of the fabulous exhibitions before participating in a memorable and messy pottery painting session? Kids could then head on to the incredible indoor or outdoor playing areas whilst the big kids browse in one of the quality shops, which feature more than 50 local suppliers.

Next on the agenda? If you’re starting to work up an appetite, a pit stop in one of the several award winning eating areas could be on the cards. As Rheged is run by a family of farmers, you can rest assured that you’ll be refuelled with only the best artisan breads, flavoursome cheeses and luxury handmade pies. An ice cream stand will also be a tempting treat.

Round things off with a visit to the largest 3D cinema north of Manchester. Nature documentaries or children’s films are shown during the day and award winning films at night. We recommend checking the cinema schedule before your visit to make the most of your Lake District day out.

So, what’s the story behind Rheged Centre’s name?

Rheged Centre is named after an ancient kingdom that is today known as north west England. In the Early Middle Ages, the land belong to Yr Hen Ogledd (meaning the Old North) and was led by the king Urien. Its people were Britons, who spoke a form of ancient Welsh as the borders of Wales stretched all the way up to Cumbria back then.

Tips and hints: Not many people know, and not many would expect, that the Rheged Centre has its very own spa facility! If you’re visiting in a group, how about alternating the child-watching duties and taking turns to relax in the wonderful retreat?

Why we love it: Rheged truly is a hillside hidden gem. In keeping with its modern approach, the building is the largest grass covered building in the UK. So not only is it a fabulous Lake District attraction, it’s also pioneering!