No. Please bring your own beach towels/bath sheets for using the hot tub.

We also recommend you bring suitable footwear and bath robes to use when coming out of the lodge and accessing the hot tub.

All hot tubs are maintained to strict industry standards & current HSE guidelines by qualified independent contractors (or the lodge owner where they are also suitably qualified – Ewe View, Lakeland View & Selamat Lodges). The park operators Parkdean Resorts oversee this in line with their own ‘on park’ guidelines.

The water in a hot tub will be changed prior to each new guest arrival (or weekly). The water will then be checked twice a day throughout a stay. If the water becomes unsafe due to guest misuse then a water change can be offered mid stay at the guests expense (£40).


Usually yes. However, in order to maintain the hot tub properly and safely, regular water changes will take place on changeover days before each guest arrival. This could mean the hot tub is not quite ready for use by the time guests arrive.  In such cases a notice will be left and it will usually be ready by early evening at the latest. We regret we won’t know exactly when this will happen as it depends on a number of circumstances including use by previous guests.

It is extremely important that a hot tub is safe to use so we ask guests to bear with us if the tub isn’t quite ready as soon as they arrive.