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There are many factors to consider when picking the perfect holiday lodge name. You want to pick a name that expresses what your property is all about while also being something fresh and new, that your guests will remember.

In this guide, we will share some guidance on how to pick the right name and where to find inspiration.

Be original

First and foremost, you want to try and make your holiday lodge stand out from the crowd. One way to do this is to pick a memorable name for your property. Do some research on lodges, chalets and cottages in the local area and see what names or words are currently being used. It would be wise to avoid these names, as you want to be as unique as possible. Moreover, it can be confusing for your guests if properties in a similar location has the same name.

JacMar Lodge Ref. 1135316


Cumbrian Culture

Explore the local culture where your property resides and see if you can incorporate it into your property’s name. For example, the Lake District and the North are known for having their own dialect. Terms such as ‘Marra = Friend’ or ‘Yam = Home’ could give your property that extra personal local touch. You can even pick names that may not be wholly transferable but can still be unique. For example, The Yews  and Ash are named after common trees found in Cumbria. Other examples are Ghyll Lodge or Mere Brook Lodge both ghyll and mere have Cumbrian connections.

Birch Ref. 1139139

Location, Location, Location

When struggling to think of ideas of what to name your lodge, keep it simple and look at the physical location of where your property resides. Some of the best names for properties can be inspired by their local surroundings. For example, is your property near a lake or beach? Is it surrounded by greenery? Or is close to a local town and/or market? All these location types can serve you as a way to come up with the perfect holiday lodge name. Examples are: Barbondale, Wansfell Retreat Lodge, Borrowdale Lodge, or Shoreside Lodge

Windermere Lodge Ref. 1042074

Local History

Why not delve deeper and take a look back at the history of where your lodge is based? Guests coming to the area will be interested in the history of the local town and its people, make the most out of this, and incorporate it into your property. Apart from William Wordsworth and Alfred Wainwright, characters from Beatrix Potter adventures are always popular, i.e Cottontail Lodge

Throughout the lake district, there is a wealth of historical and mythical stories from which you could derive a name. Be open-minded and see what you can find.

Wainwright Lodge Ref. 1068874

Keep It Personal

If the local area isn’t providing you with the inspiration that you need. Then bring it back home and make it personal. Many owners of holiday lodges, take great pride in their property and want people to enjoy their stay. What better way to show pride than to attach a personal name to the lodge? Examples are: Our Happy Place, Jinnyspinner Lodge This may be the name of a child, parent, or significant other eg Robin’s Nest, . It could even be derived from a particular hobby that you have. Picking a name taken from a personal love or experience is a fantastic way to represent your lodge and give it that extra pinch of personality. eg SerendipityUnique Luxury Lodge

Loubi’s Lakeside Lodge Ref. 1112900


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